Content marketing is a key element of any marketing strategy and, if done correctly, can have a major influence on search performance.

The basics - Building A Website 

Despite having the best of intentions, designers & creatives can have a tendency to concoct a masterpiece that doesn’t necessarily equate to a money-making project. Sure, when you are building a website, you need a brilliant concept, but don't focus on this entirely - there is much more to setting up a website.

Yes, it may look visually stunning but, ultimately, the message may not support your philosophy, therefore your customer may not pay for your services. The key is to create an inbound marketing content strategy AROUND the foundation of your idea. 

There’s nothing more disappointing than having a creation that you slaved over trampled on by a stampede of criticism, especially when it is relatively easy to avoid this. You want to avoid the classic: “yeah this is great, but” line. Let’s eliminate the ‘but’ & combine fun with functionality! 

Before you can find out how to make a good website, you need to establish how you can hit your customers' sweet spot by answering these questions.

Social Media advertising: How to get the most of your ad budget

Social media advertising is often considered a microscopic element to your marketing with no real value. Wrong! In fact, once sneered at as ‘fun’ or ‘oh that’s nice’, social media advertising has to be taken seriously as one of the most effective tools for your business. In a fast-paced technological age where 3 billion of us are using social media (90% of which on hand-held devices) platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter subtly teach us how to advertise on social media, leading to higher engagements & new prospects along the way.  Fun fact- whether we’re refreshingly honest or in denial, we spend an average of 2 hours & 22 minutes a day using social media! 

Benefits of SEO - 5 tips to get your website ranking high

  1. Research Relevant keywords 
  2. Link Building, Quality over Quantity
  3. Improve SIte Speed
  4. Build Credibility
  5. Cost Effective Marketing

Why Is A Content Strategy Important?

Digital content can somewhat go under the radar. However, put quite simply, without it, no companies would make money & others wouldn’t exist. Content represents the voice of your brand & holds the key to growth & survival. Through a content strategy, we all grow organisations using website content on one digital platform or another. If you're aiming to generate bundles of sustainable, long-term traffic without actually dipping into your funds, I’d always recommend content marketing.

"Last year, the demand for creative written content increased by 83%"

Previously seen as an optional gimmick, social media cannot afford to be put to the back of the queue anymore. Putting an effective strategy in place can help add value to your brand. Gone are the days of posting a few times a week and waiting for self esteem boosting likes. Not content at consuming our social lives, it wants our professional life too! So, without further ado, lets delve into the wonderfully bonkers world of social media!

Using social media as a marketing tool can be a great way to reach a relevant audience no matter your budget. Facebook in particular can be a cost-effective method of targeting a specific market, building brand awareness and enhancing your online visibility and responsiveness.

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