Benefits of SEO - 5 tips to get your website ranking high

  1. Research Relevant keywords 
  2. Link Building, Quality over Quantity
  3. Improve SIte Speed
  4. Build Credibility
  5. Cost Effective Marketing

"93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine"

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Think about the benefits of SEO. It's basically the perfect employee. It's open 7 days a week, all year round, never calls in sick and can't be late for work. It does whatever it’s told, multi-tasks effectively, pulls in leads and opts in like clockwork. That’s surely employee of the month material, every month. SEO tackles a series of prospects simultaneously and is limited by nothing.


Okay, so it's not as fun as riding on a ten-loop rollercoaster waving your hands in the air, but it's all relevant right? I love what I do and being able to see the benefits of SEO is a major reason why! Establishing goals and executing plans allows me to follow the impact that my SEO work has on online marketing, creating a true sense of achievement as these goals are realised.

1. Research Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is the SEO tactic that everybody knows about, and for good reason. Have you ever been in a household with several family members where you can't get a word in edgeways? To make yourself heard you need to drown out the noise, be louder, be more relevant and be more engaging than everyone else. Keyword research allows you to do much the same in the online world. You’re literally competing against an entire world for attention and (without sounding like an old man here) you're lucky to be in a generation where you can advertise on Facebook or use inbound marketing methods.

If you're doing any business analytics online, you'll need to include keywords in some capacity. Keywords determine the niche, relevance or visuality of your site for specific search terms.

Based on demographics and what your buyer persona (or typical customer) would enjoy, come up with an initial list of keywords to consider. Start by entering a keyword into a tool such as Google AdWords to see how often a term has been searched. The secret here is finding a rare balance between competitiveness and demand. With high demand keywords, it would be easy for you to think "Yes that’s the one!”, however, most of the time, high demand keywords are actually harder to rank for, especially if you're a smaller, growing company setting up a new website.

Instead, you need to target key words that range from 200 to 500 monthly searches. This is where you're at, and that's fine! We call these medium-volume keywords that have a low competitive index. You'll have to be more specific, include your location and incite action, target local leads and add action-orientated phrases like 'for rent' in order to gain more traffic.

Consider searcher intent. What would you be searching? If you were searching for a hot holiday abroad, a typical example of something you would type is: ‘Hot European countries’.

However, you wouldn't type: ‘scorching holidays to kick back and jam'. Now, I'm not suggesting that you should provide digital content from the perspective of a Siri-esque robot with no etiquette, but it’s nice to have a mix of good content with targeted keywords. Make sure you take a measured approach and transition between the perspectives of your website content. Otherwise, your blog could be starved of relevance and seemingly go from sounding chilled to suddenly screaming ‘TOP TEN PLACES TO FIND A HOLIDAY’ just for the sake of it.

2. Link building, Quality over Quantity 

There are so many ranking factors to consider when it comes to Google’s search algorithm. Link building and backlinks are always amongst the most imperative. In 2019, link building efforts became very much a quality over quantity zone. The same can be said for website content and all of your marketing efforts. I cannot stress this enough - but I will anyway - do not buy links for a fiver down some online dodgy side street. Stay away from resellers, they'll have next to zero impact and this will have the opposite desired effect if you're trying to improve rankings through a content strategy.

When link building, you need to either consider reclaiming links that are yours to begin with or reclaim broken links. You could also create and share infographics, guest blog posts and testimonials. These are just a few ideas to gain the benefits of SEO and business analytics. Google goes as far as to say that links are their number one ranking factor, adding that there’s no point in creating a content strategy without links. Which reminds me, I should really link this blog...

3. Improve Site Speed 

This should, theoretically, have been higher in the list as it's one of the most important things. Granted, improving load times for business systems can be stressful but, when executed, it's worth the energy. Your website content will be vastly improved through search visibility, user experience will increase and bounce rates will be reduced.

Much like a sprint, you'll want to have a strong start, bursting out of the traps with only victory in mind. A great loading time is usually between 3 and 5 seconds. Under 3 seconds deserves a podium celebration and a gold medal.

So, we've established speed DOES matter and is a benefit of SEO, of course, not all website content will be able to reach that level of optimisation. When it comes to fewer images and tools running platforms like JavaScript, you can report for recommendations rated in terms of importance. Always aim to optimise images through something like WordPress and make larger files smaller with Minify. To also leverage browser caching, you can dramatically polish up your load time for repeat visitors.

4. Build Credibility

The overall goal with any project is for your brand to be perceived in a positive light and to develop and maintain a great reputation, otherwise, what's the point? You can pretend all you like that you don't care what others think but we all do! Ultimately, SEO complements your marketing efforts and your content strategy so that your brand is more recognised. 

When business owners are searching for critical keywords that could help their online marketing efforts, they will now see you on Google as a thought leader and a voice of authority, simply because you turned up to the party and made the most of your time there.

Psychology plays a huge part here. Prospects believe you are the best just because of where you rank. I guess the analogy would be, if someone who didn't regularly watch football saw that Crystal Palace were top of the Premier League after just two games played, they'd automatically believe they were the best team in England. This is why things like your meta description, tags and keywords are so important. They can create an illusion and strengthen your brand in more ways than one. SEO creates a collective and powerful statement that evokes your brand’s philosophy and what you can offer. Also, in today’s society, people trust Google, whether we should or not. Why do you think that after we check Google for 'symptoms of a cold', we come away from the screen thinking we're dying? 

5. Cost Effective Marketing

SEO is a proven method of cost-effective marketing and delivers a higher return per invested pound over a period of time. Where did I get that information? I Googled it. You trusted me, right?

Your design, web hosting and creative content expenses are similar, whether your site is visited by John next door or millions of people; per visitor, you pay the same, whether they buy a new product or engage with what you're saying. Effective SEO attracts thousands of clients to your site and increases conversion rates by providing a solution to a problem. The best part? The momentum of your SEO marketing efforts snowballs in the following weeks and months after you've made an investment.


You've probably turned away from hundreds of articles about the benefits of SEO with no interest in what it stands for or what it can do for your brand. Ultimately, we want to focus our efforts into the areas you need us most. The first stage is seeing where you are at. Remember, for years some companies bob along or even thrive on the same level without search engine optimisation. What do we say to that? Well, (in the words of Aladdin) there is a whole new world out there that not only brings the promise of higher profits, but also offers increased exposure to engage with your loyal customers. You know what your customers like and enjoy. It's time they got to know you! 

It's a marathon, not a sprint, but we want to finish the race together! 

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